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-Calligraphy Club & Language Table-

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Good moring 🙂

Happy Wednesday !!!


I have a announcement which is might be fun for you guys !


-Calligraphy Club-

-Date : Every Tuesday

-Time : 4-5pm

-Place : World Language Studio in Ford Hall

-Teachers : Keiko, Maiko, Mako, Nana


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Those picture are from yesterday !!  Thank you for coming and see you in next week !!

Also, we are still waiting for new members.

You have never tried calligraphy ??  It’s totally fine !!  It’s for just fun and feel Japanese culture.




-Language Table-

Date : Every Wednesday

Time : 5-7pm

Place : Goudy


We are going to have dinner together and practice Japanese !!

Don’t worry about anything !  It’s also just for fun 🙂

I basically focus on that to make a friend who speaks Japanese and studying Japanese or are interested in Japanese.

So, いっしょに ごはんを 食べましょう!!



↑ This is a sign for Language Table !!  I’ll put on the table so just find us !!  Or just call out my name !!!!!



Have good day !!  And, see you in dinner time !! 🙂





Shotaro Kumano


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