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How to feel Japanese Culture

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This time, I’ll give you information about how to feel Japanese Culture at Willamette.

Do you know JSSL (Japan Studies Student Leaders・日本研究学生リーダー)?

I think this organization is good for you 🙂



We are organization open to all students interested in Japan, with the purpose of organizing engaging academic activities centered around Japanese culture, society, and language for the Willamette, American Studies Program (ASP), and Salem communities.  JSSL creates a sense of community among members by ensuring that every member can particpate in all events with or without prior knowledge of Japan or Japanese culture.  We expend our educational interests with the support of Tokyo International University of America, the Japanese and Chinese Studies Departments, the Center for Asian Studies, and American Studies Program, acting as resource for Willamette students to broaden their understanding of Japan and the connections between Japan, the US, and the world.


You can join whenever you want.  They have a lot of event which is going to be fun for you.

Currently event


-Otsukimi Night(moon night)-




We made a rice dumplings called Tsukimi Dango in order to celebrate the beauty of the moon.

Tsukimi or Otsukimi, literally moon-viewing, also known as Jugoya, refers to Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon, a version of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  The celebration of the full moon, a version of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  The cerebration of the full moon typically takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month of the traditional Japanese calendar; the waxing moon is celebrated on the 13th day of the ninth month.



-Nagashi Somen-



Nagashi Somen means Flowing Somen.

Somen is Japanese noodle made of wheat flour and salts, which is very thin and white.

Flowing Somen is called “Nagashi Somen” or Spemn Nagashi” on Japanese.

At Flowing Somen.  Somen are put in water flowing along a long bamboo gutter.

You catch the noodles with your chopsticks, dip them in a cool broth, and eat them.

Flowing Somen brings you fun and cools taste at party lunch in summer season.





JSSL has many event !! Must be fun !!

Why don’t you join us !!!




Shotaro Kumano





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