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New Year’s Mochi Party:)

Posted by: rmaeda | February 7, 2014 Comments Off |

Hi all,

As I announced last week, We did New Year’s Mochi Party on 1st Feb in the World language Studio.

I made three types of Mochi like Sweet red beans soup with Mochi:Oshiruko, Soy powder with sugar:Kinako and Soy sauce caved with seaweed then.

We enjoyed eating and chatting in a whole time while watching Japanese musics and student’s favorite music videos on a big screen.

If you missed it, hope you can make it next Japanese event:^)

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New Year’s Mochi(Rice cake) Party on 1st Feb at WLS!!

Posted by: rmaeda | January 27, 2014 Comments Off |

Hello all,

I am planning to do New Year’s Mochi Party on 1st Feb from 3-5pm in the World Language Studio.

I will cook several type of Mochis there.  So come over to eat and have fun together!!

Then I also have some new year’s activities like Karuta, Hukuwarai and Shodo as we did last year. Check my blog which I posted about new year’s event last year out!


Hope to see you all there:)

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First Shodo time!

Posted by: rmaeda | January 23, 2014 Comments Off |

Hi all,

We did shodo activity yesterday in the world language studio! Look at pictures I took there!

Next Shodo activity is on 29th Jan from 5-6pm in WLS. Hope to see you there!

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Long time no see!

Posted by: rmaeda | January 20, 2014 Comments Off |

Hi all!

Hope you had great time in winter break:)

I have some announcements for you who are taking Japanese class and interested in Japanese culture.

We have Japanese and English Language Table every Tuesdays from 6-7 pm at Goudy.

I bring a colorful sign board; practice Japanese and English there(日本語と英語を練習しましょう). If you want to join or have a meal plan, you should come and join us. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there. It will start after ASP students arrive at Willamette. I will let you know when it happens on wise.

We also have shodo activity every Wednesdays from 5-6 pm at the World Language Studio in Ford Hall. If you want to try shodo or practice how to write Japanese, this is the best time for you. We will start on this week. Please let me know if you want to join or be a regular member by emailing me (rmaeda@willamette.edu).

I also have tutoring hours every Mondays and Thursdays from 4-6pm in the World Language Studio. If you have any questions  about Japanese home work or you want to practice Japanese, it is available to come there. You can sign up on wise; go to my Japanese space, click sign up and choose the date and time. when you want me to prepare or let me know what you want to do then, you can leave a comment on it.



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Japanese Movie Night on 26th November at 7:30pm in the World Language Studio!

Posted by: rmaeda | November 19, 2013 Comments Off |

Hi all

Japanese Movie night is coming on 26th November, next Tuesday, at 7:30pm in the World Languages Studio. I will show you Hula girls then.

This movie is based on a true story, HULA girls is heartwarming comedy about coal miner’s daughters who took a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be recruited as professional hula dancers and escape their monotonous lives, only to save their depressed mining town and the whole of Japan.

Check this video out below!


I can find this movie with English subtitles at this time.

Hope to see you all there!!

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JSSL presents:Karaoke and Game Night on 16th November!

Posted by: rmaeda | November 3, 2013 Comments Off |

Hi All!

Karaoke and Game Night will happen on 16th November from 5 to 10pm in Kremer Board room(Ford 102).

Please come to Karaoke Night hosted by Japan Studies Student Leaders!

You can sing any kind of song–Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.

There will be some refreshments, but please bring some more if you can!

Invite your friends!

Hope to see you there.

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International Karaoke Night on this Thursday at 8pm in the Bistro!

Posted by: rmaeda | October 27, 2013 Comments Off |

International Karaoke Night is going to happen on 31st Oct from 8 to 10pm in the Bistro!

You should dress up Halloween costume! If you want to sing, please send your son g requests with your name to “dwuesche@willamette.edu”.

Hope to see you all there! Don’t miss fun time!

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Japanese Movie night on 25th October in the World language Studio!

Posted by: rmaeda | October 17, 2013 Comments Off |

Hi All!

We have Japanese Movie night on 25th October at 7pm in the World Language Studio(Fold 101).

I will show you “パッチギ” that means “Break through”. Actually, it is a Korean word.

The story happened in Kyoto in 1968. The main characters are a Japanese boy who is a high school 2nd year student and a Korean girl who is a 2nd generation Korean. He visited a Korean high school in order to propose a soccer competition to them. But, that school has problems and they always fight with the other school’s students. Even though he did not want to go there, when he went there he met a beautiful Korean girl. Then he fell in love with her.

Check the preview out!


If you are free next Friday or are interested, you should come at that time!

Hope to see you all there!

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Hello from Japan!

Posted by: rbedolla | September 19, 2013 Comments Off |

Hi everyone,

I’m Rie and I’m from Ibaraki of Japan. I’m the Japanese Language assistant from last year. So it’s my second year working at Willamette. I’m glad to work at Willamette for two years.

The below link is my introduction. Please check it out.


I have tutoring hours twice a week. They are from 4-6pm every Monday and Thursday.

If you have any questions about homework or just want to talk with me in Japanese, you can sign up on WISE.

I also have Japanese and English Language table every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm at Goudy.

We enjoy talking in both Languages every time. If you want to make new friends, it is a good chance to meet new people.

Also, I have Calligraphy activity every Tuesday from 5-6pm at the World Language Studio.

If you come at this time, I will teach you how to write Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana. We learn many fun and interesting words in Japanese every time.

Hope to see you there!

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Congratlation! JSSL!

Posted by: rmaeda | May 4, 2013 Comments Off |

I want to tell you a big great news.

JSSL got the award at the Campus Life Honors and Awards  last week. below massage is written by president of JSSL. Check it out!


Congratulations, JSSL members, on making our club one of the best on campus!

Last week at the Campus Life Honors and Awards Ceremony, Japan Studies Student Leaders was presented a certificate that honored us as the Outstanding Student Organization of the year.

This award recognizes the dedication and hard work of the past and present members of our club and the marvelous Executive Boards JSSL has had.

As our school year comes to a close, I would like to thank you for the countless hours of work and support you have put into this club to make it as successful as it is today.

Have a wonderful summer and I will see you again in the Fall!


Matt Tom


I really am happy to work with JSSL members. Congratulation!!

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