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Русский Блог

Posted by: aschilba | September 13, 2007 Comments Off on Русский Блог |

Welcome to the Russian Language Learning Center (LLC) blog. Each week throughout the semester, this blog will discuss a number of different Russian focused LLC resources and tools. The resources include everything from Russian movies at Hatfield to WordChamp, an excellent online flashcard tool. My name is Sascha and I will be your guide as we explore this fascinating new intersection of Russian language learning and technology.
For the first week, let’s get acquainted with the hardware (ie. computers, multimedia) that makes up the LLC’s Russian language learning program. I will provide some basic instructions on how to access these resources.
Next we’ll explain the mystical and magical process of “Russifying” your computer. Personally, I find that typing in Русскии is extremely helpful when learning the alphabet because it is essentially repetition of small flashcards, one of the most effective ways to learn.
After that we should cover the LLC’s Russian grammar page, a site jam packed with exercises. The amount of Russian grammar and language learning pages on the web are growing daily so some web surfing and exploration here is warranted! Go and check it out!

So where do you begin? Great question! Here’s how it works. The LLC is located in the lower level of Smullin. Room 18B. This is really where the magic happens as computers are all configured with Russian word processing capabilities, headphones for listening to Russian pod casts, and web cams for talking with your Russian or Ukrainian pen pal.
Now to Russify your computer!
1. Access the LLC home page at http://willamette.edu/wits/llc/index.htm (See the events board? That is where upcoming LLC events can be found)
2. Find and click on the Russian tab at the top of the page.
3. This is the Russian home page! (a.k.a. your launching pad)
4. The menu on the left side has six different sections: Main, Culture, Current Courses, Media, References, and Writing & Grammar. Click on the Writing & Grammar.
5. This is a gold mine for learning that stubborn and complex Russian grammar. Click on the Grammar Exercises for Russian Students.
6. WHOA! Look at all those grammar exercises—nominative, genitive, dative—don’t worry we’ll get to those later. Click on “Russify your computer.”
7. Follow the directions and enjoy!
The LLC’s Writing & Grammar page is an excellent tool for practicing grammar. Let’s try to use an exercise now.
1. In the Writing & Grammar, click on Grammar Exercises for Russian Students.
2. “Hmmm…my nominative case feels a little rusty. I want to try an online exercise to polish it up…” Great! Click on the nominative exercise.
3. Read the directions at the top of the page and off you go! Большой спасибо университет Денбр!
Ладно, ладно last topic for this week! Everyone enjoys a good flick right? Did you know that there are Russian films at the Hatfield Library?! The Russian Media page has them listed alphabetically.
This information will help you to explore, learn, and most importantly—have fun with Russian! If any questions should arise regarding the information discussed above, an LLC staff member would be more than happy to assist you. A blog is really an online discussion, so in that sense, I welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions!
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