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Русский Блог

Posted by: aschilba | September 25, 2007 Comments Off on Русский Блог |

Welcome to week two of the Russian blog. I hope that you were able to use some of the resources that we had talked about last week. This week I will be providing some information on the Russian Cyrillic alphabet feature on Willamette webmail, and give you a quick introduction to Mixxer, an online pen pal tool that utilizes Skype.

So let’s say that you would like to receive Russian text from a tutor, professor, friend, or whoever—in Russian. A couple important things to keep in mind are that the Russian text feature needs to be initiated on both WU webmail accounts for both parties to be able to view the text in Russian. Good news! The Cyrillic feature is very easy to change in webmail, here’s how its done.
1. Log onto your WU webmail account.
2. Go to the Options button.
3. Go to the Display button.
4. Find the Language tab and scroll down until you find Russian.
5. Enjoy reading and writing emails in Russian!
Mixxer. What is it? How does it work? Mixxer is an online tool for language learning. It pairs students from around the world together to communicate and teach their native language. For example, my native language in English, but I’m learning Russian. My account then has me listed as being able to communicate with a native Russian speaker who is interested in learning English. I would correct his/her English and my partner would correct my Russian. This is a very neat tool because it is beneficial to both parties, providing a vehicle for language learning and cultural interaction.
1. First go to the LLC home page.
2. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and find the For Students button. Click it.
3. Follow the Mixxer link to the Mixxer homepage.
4. Register as a new user. This is where you provide your language information and the language you would like to learn, as well as your available times for chatting.
5. Click submit and to begin using this great resource!
We covered two topics today. The first was the webmail Russian text enabler—a great way to practice your reading and writing. And the second was the Mixxer application, another excellent resource in your quest to become fluent in Russian. Thanks for stopping by!

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