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Русский Блог 3

Posted by: aschilba | October 2, 2007 Comments Off on Русский Блог 3 |

Зто Саша! Привет! Welcome to week three of the Russian blog. I hope that you were able to use some of the resources that we had talked about last week. Ken, my Russian pen pal on Mixxer, just messaged me and asked about a good time to meet up online. Cool!
Have you noticed the LLC’s colorful satellite TV posters up around campus? Let’s talk some about the international satellite TV available in the LLC for your viewing pleasure. Next, I will be explaining some about the Willamette World News. Finally, I will show you some great Russian and Former Soviet Republics Maps. I really enjoy looking at maps so this is quite a find.

PCTV- Что зто? This is our excellent international satellite TV resource here in the LLC. PCTV enables you to watch live TV broadcast from France, Germany, Japan, China, Spain, Mexico, and—most importantly—Russia. The LLC has access to two Russian channels, NTV America and RTVi. NTV America has programming not only from Moscow, but also programming geared toward Russian immigrants in America. RTVi is “straight from Russia.” None the less, it is an excellent resource and practice tool for brushing up on your Russian. Here’s how to access it:
1. Get a coffee and go to the LLC. Introduce yourself to the wonderful staff member on duty. Log on and go to the LLC’s homepage.
2. Click on Resources on the menu.
3. Find and click on International Satellite TV. This will take you to the “TV guide” of our international TV.
4. Minimize the web browser and find PCTV on the desktop.
5. Open this application and enjoy! Remember the Russian channels are RTVi 39 and NTV 16.
Willamette World News– This is a new and exciting webpage that displays blog entries from Willamette’s international students. Usually they will write about breaking news in their home country. Everything from the TGV trains in France to the Ukranian elctions are documented in WWN. It is published and refreshed every two weeks with new articles, pictures, and fun stories. WWN provides a platform for cultural exploration between interested Willamette students and their international peers. WWN a great resource worth checking out!
Lastly, maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics. Wow. I’m not sure that it gets much better than this. Free online maps of a fascinating part of our world. The maps are hosted by Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection which is part of The University of Texas at Austin. Here’s how to find it:
1. From any computer, go to the LLC homepage.
2. Click on the Russian heading.
3. Scroll to the bottom and find & click on the link entitled Russia and Former Soviet Republics Maps.
4. Enjoy the maps!

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