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Русский Блог 5

Posted by: aschilba | October 16, 2007 Comments Off on Русский Блог 5 |

Welcome to the fifth week of the LLC’s Russian blog! This week we have some exciting new resources to share with you. Delicious is an online social book marking tool that will simplify the way you access Russian language sites. Conradish is a site with famous Russian texts annotated in English that warrants some attention from any Russian student. Lastly, I will point out a site hosted by Middlebury College that has 100 signs from the Russian speaking world.

Instead of having your bookmarks listed on your home computer, Delicious is a useful way to keep all your bookmarks online. That way, if you use more than one computer or more than one browser, it will automatically have those bookmarks at your fingertips. You click a button on your browser and up pops a form (mostly filled out) — you then add some tags or keywords, and click save. That’s it—delicious does the rest.
On a social level, there are more advantages. Like other user-generated content on the web, it’s shared. Delicious is an aggregator of everybody’s tags and bookmarks, so it enables you to see who has tagged sites you might find useful or interesting.
This theory of sharing ideas and finds among a community is beneficial when it comes to learning a language. As other people find great Russian translations or dictionaries, you to can have access to them. To access Delicious:
1. Go to <a href="http://del.icio.us/“>http://del.icio.us/ and click on “Get Started.”
2. This will take you to a registration page where you will need to provide your email and username.
3. Follow the instructions and enjoy!
Remember that the object is to identify links useful to language learners like you — so in the “notes” field, please tell why you think it is useful!
Conradish.net is an excellent source for annotated Russian texts. From Chekov’s plays to Pushkin’s poetry—this sight has it all. Just scroll your pointer over the word or phrase that you would like translated and up pops the English meaning. To access this site:
1. Go to the LLC’s homepage. Click on the Russian heading.
2. Underneath the picture look for Conradish and click on it.
3. Enjoy some excellent translations of famous Russian literature.
This last link is one of my favorites. A great way to brush up and gain some confidence in reading Russian, it has pictures of 100 Russian signs. This site is great because it involves reading Russian in a practical context. Check it out!
1. Go to the LLC’s homepage. Click on the Russian heading.
2. Click on the Culture sub-heading.
3. Find the “100 Signs” link in the page and follow it. Enjoy!

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