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Русский Блог 6

Posted by: aschilba | October 23, 2007 Comments Off on Русский Блог 6 |

Welcome to the sixth installment of the LLC’s Russian blog. This week I will be talking about Audacity a great audio resource available in the LLC as well as introducing you to some online periodicals. Lastly, I would like to show you some interactive Russian crossword puzzles.

Audacity is a software program used for recording and editing sounds. It enables you to record yourself speaking and then check back to correct and review your pronunciation. Although helpful to use for speaking and pronunciation, it is also good for recording any type of audio or sound clip. So for those of you interested in splicing and dicing a radio show or any type of audio file, Audacity is a necessity.
You can download it from either here or just access it in the LLC on any computers. It is found under the heading Audio-Visual Tools in the Programs list.
It’s always great to challenge yourself by reading some Russian periodicals and newspapers. The LLC has compiled a list of these links and for those of you not in the know…here they are. Although they are challenging to read, it is really rewarding to recognize some words and constructions. Next week I will try to find a site that lists the definitions of words in a Russian webpage.
To access the periodicals:
1. Go to the LLC’s Russian page.
2. Click on the Media tab.
3. Follow any of the links listed under the Periodicals tab.
Crossword puzzles = fun. Russian crossword puzzles = mind blowing fun! How do you get to theses babies? Good question.
1. Again go to the LLC’s Russian page
2. Click on the Writing and Grammar tab
3. Look for the Russian Web Tutor link and follow it. (this page is really great for exercises)
4. Now click on Interactive Crossword Puzzles
5. Enjoy!

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