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Русский Блог 7

Posted by: aschilba | October 30, 2007 Comments Off on Русский Блог 7 |

Welcome to the seventh week of the Russian blog! This week I will show you some of Wikipedia’s Russian language sits, also some more great Russian literature links, and finally, an awesome tool through WordChamp that “reads” Russian websites.

In my mind, wikipedia is the greatest resource that curious internet users have. Although usually deemed a un-referenced pile of horse manure by professors, at least some I know; wikipedia is really one of the best places to start when beginning research on anything. The Russian language is no exception. Wikipedia’s Russian learning capability deserves some of your attention, here’s why.
The Wikipedia grammar page is a great place to refresh your knowledge of Russian grammar. It provides a quick run through of everything that you need, and is definitely worth book marking. Be sure to check out the Russian Language page as well. Another great feature of this wikipedia page is that it had placed all of the information about different cases and tenses in one place, making for quick and easy referencing.
Also helpful for any beginning students of Russian is the Russian alphabet wikipedia page. This will provide interesting background on each letter as well as helpful pronunciation tips. Again, worth checking out as you might find something very helpful to you!
So you liked the Russian literature links that we talked about last week? Well here are some more…
1. http://www.sovlit.com/
2. http://www.websher.net/srl/index.html
These should get you started…
Like I promised, I have a website that “reads” and translates a Russian website for you. It is under the umbrella of our friends over at WordChamp. Find it here. http://wordchamp.com/lingua2/Reader.do
Thanks for reading, see you all next week.

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