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Hey there Russian language learners! A quick announcement: The blogs will be moving to a bi-weekly schedule from now on. Also, I would encourage you to go back and check the content of the older blog entries to refresh yourself on what we have covered so far. For example, the Russian movies available for check out in the Hatfield Library…these are great resources that don’t tend to become irrelevant to language learning as the semester wears on. Today I will be covering a couple of important topics. First, I will be talking about some more grammar exercises that I’ve found. This is probably the only educational topic for the blog this week, but the other two are just to good to be true. The second topic is…drumroll…THE SOCHI OLYMPIC GAMES 2014! The third is a Russian team competing in the VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008-2009!

We’ve covered grammar exercises and grammar exercises, but let’s go over another…
1. Go to the LLC homepage.
2. Click on the Russian tab, then the Writing & Grammar tab.
3. Click on the link entitled Russian Web Tutor.
4. Bookmark this page for future use—delicious. Then click on grammar tutorials.
5. The breadth of these exercises is amazing so be sure to check them all out!
Find it here.
Вы победили! СОЧИ 2014! The Winter Olympic Games will be in Sochi, Russia in 2014. I will be there, will you? I would love to go and use my Russian speaking abilities to be a spectator at the games. This is the first time that Russia has hosted the Olympic Games (the USSR hosted them in Moscow in 1980). They are pouring billions of dollars into developing the site and also the ski resort. So, for you winter sports fans (me), make sure to check out the site to get your fix of Sochi 2014!
Sochi 2014 link.
The last topic for today is the Russian team’s entry into the Volvo Ocean Race, a grueling sailing race around the world. As of now, the team is called Лента after a Russian company. Again, this topic is not the most educational, but might be an interesting tidbit. I won’t go into detail about the Volvo Ocean Race or its esteemed history because it is a short click away. Enjoy and Go team Лента!
Volvo Ocean Race page.

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