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Из России с любовью

Posted by: aschilba | March 6, 2008 Comments Off on Из России с любовью |

Привет всем! Greetings to all!
Меня зовут Марта Таранцей и сегодня я – ваш преданный репетитор русского языка.
My name is Marta Tarantsey and I will be your dedicated Russian tutor today.

I honestly hope you are not dissapointed by not finding anything James Bond -related in this blog entry, contrary to the promises of the blog’s tagline.
My tutoring hours at the LLC are Monday and Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30 and Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 (PM, as it usually goes). But I know how difficult sometimes it is to adjust one’s schedule to fit anything ther than classes in during the week, so here are things that have been done this semseter already:
* I met with a student fom 7 to 8 in the morning to work on a composition as the student’s schedule didn’t allow to meet during the usual sessions. Meeting was quite productive, in spite of the fact of having been scheduled just the evening before. So last-minute arrangements are possible, even for early morning meetings.
* I have added extra sessions in when it was that “composition” time of the semester.
* I always respond within 12 hours (ususally – much less) to homework or any question emailed to me
One last thing: every now and then, when it comes to new vocab, the session turns into a mini charade game. Today, for example, I was caught defeating an imaginary army with an imaginary sword while tryng to explain a military- related “разгромить” encountered somewhere in the text, I believe. I also possess some useful knowledge of the Russian internet, or РуНет, as it is often referred to. It might be useful to a Russian student or a Russian language and culture enthusiast from amateur to professional level alike.
Hope to see you at LLC or wherever else we decide to meet,
До скорой встречи!
Ваша М.Т.

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