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Весенние Каникулы!

Posted by: aschilba | March 21, 2008 Comments Off on Весенние Каникулы! |

Каникулы здесь!
Here is some springbreak – related vocabulary for anyone interested :)
свобода от классов – freedom from classes
нет – сочинениям и докладам! – Say no to essays, compositions and reports!

And these might have sounded rather anarchist shool-wise but I am very certain that everyone – the faculty, the students, the administrative staff and anyone else who doesn’t quite fall in those categories but does play some part in the life of Russian studies at Willamettte has worked hard thos semsester. So a break from classes is good. Everyone would use a break.
отдыхать на природе – to rest and enjoy outdoors
наслаждаться каждой минутой – to enjoy every minute
улыбка встречного прохожего – a smile of a random passerby
запах цветов- smell of flowers
ласковый луч весеннего солнца – a gentle ray of the sun in the springtime
нежный бриз – gentle breeze
весеннее настроение – springtime mood
зелень, радующая глаз – greenery pleasing to the eye (as in “trees, leaves, flowers”, not “dollars, currency, dough, etc. “)

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