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Posted by: aschilba | April 2, 2008 Comments Off on Здравсвуите! |

For the second installment of the Russian language blog, I will explain how to use and benefit from Russian movie trailers and show you a comprehensive site for Russian language links. To hold you over until next week, I’ll show you some new developments with the Russian Winter Olympics and the Russian entry for the Volvo Ocean Race.

Movie trailers are always great time wasters, but how cool would it be to practice your Russian comprehension while still watching a movie trailer? Russian movie trailers! Check out http://vision.rambler.ru/trailers/ to see a large listing of recent Russian movie trailers. Watching these helps with comprehension and is also a great way to see some action. You can also get there by going to www.rambler.ru, then clicking on Трейлеры.
This site is a portal from which you can access certain Russian learning websites. http://www.word2word.com/coursead.html Although it looks a bit outdated, the site is a diamond in the rough for helpful Russian language learning resources. For example, after only two minutes of poking around the different Russian links, I found this great Russian audio site. http://www.russianlessons.net/ This site lists common Russian phrases and has the corresponding audio spoken by a native Russian speaker. Way cool!
I will again direct your attention and your computer mice to check out the Team Russia entry to the Volvo Ocean Race. This crazy race will start next October, but the action has already arrived. Team Russia’s website is http://www.teamrussia.org/. Also look at the sweet Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics website in Russian and test your reading skills. http://sochi2014.com/sochi_russian

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