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Accents -n- all that jazz (Open your mind and your ears!)

Posted by: aschilba | April 7, 2008 Comments Off on Accents -n- all that jazz (Open your mind and your ears!) |

This is a beautiful song. As long as we realize that the singer tried his best to sing a song he likes to a person he loves… his accent doesn’t really matter, now does it? Read the commentaries, and you will see that it is not by far the accent that matters. I mean, the style of music doesn’t discriminate between accents – whether rap or hip hop. We all know that sometimes opera singers have to perform in a language they have never spoken and transfer all the emotions they can squeeze from that piece.
So…when people ask me about their accents, I want them to know that it’s not the accent that matters, it’s the words you are saying. See, Russians look at the person behind the words, and HOW they are said – not the correctness of your grammar let alone some mispronunciation. We all know that the singer has an accent, but once we adjust to the way he speaks, we start listening to the song.

http://rutube.ru/tracks/366116.html?v=f7e5446c5026ae759f5834d4e7752137 <—-
Акцент певца – выдающийся, но все-таки самое главное – то, что он не побоялся и спел песню, которая ему близка, несмотря на сильный "рязанский" акцент. Акценты – такая мелочь!

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