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Summer nearing its end, Лето близится к концу.

Posted by: aschilba | August 17, 2008 Comments Off on Summer nearing its end, Лето близится к концу. |

Здравствуйте, студенты, преподаватели, и любители “интересностей” русского языка. Лето скоро кончится, и опять начнутся лекции, сочинения и чебы в ночные часы.
Hello, dear students, teachers, and fans of the “interesting stuffs” of the Russian language! Soon, the summer will end and the lectures, essays and nightime study hours will resume.

Несколько часов назад я отправилась в мини-интернет-поход, чтобы найти что-нибудь новое в области литературных сайтов на русском языке, и набрела я на следующее:
Сайт, на котором я нашла очень много красивых и прочувтвованных стихотворений. Очень рекомендую!
Meanwhile, I went on a mini internet-quest fro something new in the multitude of the literature-related websits in Russian, and here is what I have stumbled upon:
There, you will find some of the best, most beautiful and truly heartfelt poems about love. You will see the names of authors in red font, on the main page, and the titles of the poems by that author listed under their names. I hope you enjoy this nicely organized collection of some of the mose cherished works in the lyrical Russian poetry.
Should you find any of them particularly interesting, I invite you to publish a comment with the link to the poem and will gladly talk and discuss the word choice, emotions, and (of course) grammar of that poem. I will also gladly research the historical conext of one poem or another, and we will see how close we were to understanding what the author is suggesting in the work. Enjoy!

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