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Viktor(iya) of the Russian Idol

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Viktoriya Daineko
Model-looking, glam-vibe-emitting and hard working. She won the 2005 ФабрикаЗвёзд – the Star Factory , Russian equivalent of American Idol, and has since been coming up with more songs and by now has surpassed the fame of a mediocre artist – she has participated in “Stars on Ice” in Russia, has not overindulged in partying at the winding Moscow music scene, and is a good role model that the parents encourage their children to listen to. A friendly smile, simple lyrics, and gorgeous looks – she might be here to stay. I myself am not that fond of her, not as much as I like T.a.t.U. for sure, but she works hard, sings pretty and smiles plenty, and the songs have a catchy tune.
Listening to her music, do you suppose she could make it on the American Idol?

По переулкам и дворам ——– Down the streets and alleys
Гуляет вечер золотой. ———– Walks the golden evening
По переулкам и дворам, ——— Down the streets and alleys
Там, где бродили мы с тобой. ——– Where you and I wandered.
Ты рисовал мои глаза ————- You painted my eyes
И нежно за руку держал. ———– And gently held my hand
Ты обо всём мне рассказал ——— You told me about everything
И лишь о главном промолчал. —— But kept silent about the most important
Когда пойму всё по глазам, ——– When I understand everything in your eyes
Когда прочту всё по губам, ——– When I read it all in your lips
Ударит ветер по лицу, ——— The wind will smash against my face
Я просто сразу от тебя уйду. ——— And I will leave you right away
Грустит в квартире тишина, ——— Sad silence in my apartment
А в чашке недопитый день. ———- The unfinished day at the bottom of the cup
Когда разлюбишь ты меня, ——— When you will fall out of love with me
Исчезнет лето насовсем. ——— The summer will disappear away for good
И кто-то не такой родной ———- And someone not as close
Мне бросит в чашку рафинад, ——– Will drop a cube of sugar in my tea
Когда забудешь ты меня ——— When you forget me,
Никто не будет виноват. ——– Nobody will be at fault
А я пойму всё по глазам,
А я прочту всё по губам,
Ударит ветер по лицу,
Я просто сразу от тебя уйду.
Daineko’s recent album cover, “Igolka” – meaning, “Needle”.

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