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Привет, Мир!

Posted by: aschilba | August 29, 2009 Comments Off on Привет, Мир! |

Hello everyone,
my name is Marta Tarantsey and this 2009-2010 year I am the language assistant of the Russian Department of the Willamette University. I am from a medium-size city of Voronezh in Russia, and I have lived in Oregon for over 6 years after having moved here in 2003 with my mother.
My major is French and I spent last semester studying abroad in Normandy, the first student from WIllamette to ever do the study abroad program at the University of Le Havre. After the program, I went back home to Russia’s black-soil region for the first time in 6 and a half years to see the rest of my family.

I enjoy working with students and truly admire the courage of those who have decided to study my beautiful though difficult to some, language. I was impressed with the passion and dedication of WU’s students I have worked with in the past – whether practicing case endings at 7 in the morning on Monday so they would be 100% confident going in to their 8 am quiz or spending afternoons helping to polish out a Politics/Russian double major’s thesis.
When it comes to literature, I like Chekhov, Leskov ( I hope to write a Russian blog about this wonderful writer later in the year), but wouldn’t resist a modern-day detective thriller, either – story has it, I possess the capability to go through two of those a weekend.
Next issue of Russian blog will be about the rumored appearance of cybernarcotics on the Russian internet, or, as I refer to it most of the time, Runet. Your ideas for Russian blog issues, class-related and unrelated events, and any questions are welcome – my email is mtarants@willamette.edu or you can find me through the WISE system via the mailtool.

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