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Why is Russian Fall?

Posted by: Marta T. | November 11, 2010 Comments Off on Why is Russian Fall? |

This Autumn-inspired issue of the Russian blog will give you an insight at the photo-coverage of the metamorphose of the nature in Russia by the ordinary people who are not professional photographers and will provide you wish some handy Fall-related Russian vocabulary.

Back home, we give each season a chance. Summer is loved for the sun and the fruition of the nature and Winter is known to be a testing time, from which a triumphant Spring emerges. The Russian folk has always had a particular affectionate attitude towards the Fall, from the ode sung by infamous Pushkin talking about the golden hues that the Fall adorns the forests with to the modern song-writer and singer Alekssandr Shecvhuk referring to Pushkin in his song “Last Fall”, saying “why didn’t you tell us, Aleksandr Sergeevich, about how you loved and suffered in you last Fall?”

It can be sad, it can be joyous, but no matter where in Russia you find yourself, it is beautiful. One of the major Russian search engine moguls developed a photo-sharing database similar to a system of blogs, cenetered around photography and art. Yandex Photos organizes a series of contests throughout the year on different topics, and this Fall season one of the contests was themed “Under the Rain” – «Под дождем».

If you click on it, you will see the photographs in the descending ranking order, and the majority of the rain-themed photographs indeed have something to do with the change of the seasons. Contest happened in October, but it does have some summer rain depictions in it.

Here are a few seasonal words to keep in mind when you look over the images below:

листопад – the process and time of leaves falling  (lis-to-PAHD)

багряный – the color of dark-golden-red used mostly for fabrics, leaves and blood, most closely translated as crimson, in view of some (bag-RYAH-nyi)

рябина – mountain ash tree, rowan tree (important because the red berries on the branches are some of the few colorful things that remain until winter once leaves fall) (rya-BIH-nah)

ветка – branch of a tree or a bush (VET-kah)

роща –  a meadow, a park, an alley of trees (one of the most-known Russian phrases of this word  is from a poem by a Esenin, роща золотая , meaning a golden meadow) (RO-scha)

No matter which time zone, no matter which climate, the season of Fall is inseparable from rain and falling leaves in Russia. Rivalry between Moscow and Saint Petersburg extends far beyond spheres of political influences Muscovites and Saint-Petersburgians without a doubt keep their loyalties when comparing and contrasting which city is more beautiful in the Fall.

Someone from the YandexPhoto blogging community has posted the following image takes in one of the once-royal-residences near Saint Petersburg

Another Yandex user has posted the following photograph, taken in a more urban setting perhaps in the city of Saint Petersburg itself

Moscow is not in any way lagging behind  in having its residents glorify the beautiful season in their city by posting more flattering pictures of Moscow in the Fall:

Sources of the photographs:


2) http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ellaushakova/view/19127/?page=0&p=0&#_child-1-74274110


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