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Russian Club’s First Meeting of 2012

Posted by: galfinit | November 30, 2012 Comments Off on Russian Club’s First Meeting of 2012 |

Hi all. Here is a review of the ideas we brainstormed at our first Russian Club meeting this year. If you missed it you can catch us again every Wednesday at 5:30 in the World Languages Studio. Hope to see you there!

* Study group function

* Eastern European night

* Maslenitsa (in March sometime)

* Saint Days with crafts and a performer

* Russian Easter event in April

* Movie/cinema nights

o Anna Karenina in theaters

o Cartoons

o Classics

* Elections

* Russian karaoke

* Russian-to-Go restaurant

* Russian dancing

* Tea events

* Privet Russian grocery store/cooking events with a basic recipe

* Russian game night

* Skyping people who are abroad in a Russian speaking country

* Postcards saying good luck with finals

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