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Cтарый Новый год/The Old New Year

Posted by: galfinit | January 14, 2013 Comments Off on Cтарый Новый год/The Old New Year |

Welcome back from winter break fellow students of Russian! Did you know that today, our first day back at school, is an Orthodox holiday? Cтарый Новый год or “The Old New Year,” is the first day of year according to the Julian calendar, which the Orthodox church still follows. Though the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1918, this holiday is still unofficially observed in a variety of nations with Orthodox ties, such as Serbia and Macedonia, and also in Wales and Switzerland. The festivities are usually less extravagant that those on the New New Year, but nevertheless involve grandiose meals, singing of traditional songs, and celebratory drinking.

So, once again, welcome back, and happy Cтарый Новый год.

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