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Russian Conversation Lunch Table and Other Updates

Posted by: galfinit | February 4, 2013 Comments Off on Russian Conversation Lunch Table and Other Updates |

Hello everyone!

A friendly reminder that Russian Club will NOT be meeting this Wednesday officially, but there will be an informal gathering of students in the Ford hearth (also known as the Learning Commons) doing Russian homework, disucssing Russian topics, and drinking tea.

Also, I have the pleasure of announcing that we have elected to start up a Russian conversation lunch table! It will be Wednesdays at 12:30, most likely in Cat Cavern. The starting date is TBA, so keep checking back.

Also, check out the new WordChamp flashcards in the WISE site. Just go to My Russian Space, click “WordChamp” in the left column, and you’re there!

Lastly, I found this rather remarkable Russian singer called Vitas this last weekend. He’s quite delightful to watch as well as listen to.

I strongly urge you to check him out here.

That’s all folks! Have a lovely week!

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