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Привет, dear Russian students!

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Привет, dear Russian students!

My name is Anastasia and I have the privilege of being your Russian tutor this year.

Although I grew up in America, I remain a native Russian speaker. My family migrated from Russian when I was ten months old, and since then Russian has been the primary language in our home. We watch Russian television, listen to a lot of Russian music (ask me if you want suggestions!), and observe many Russian traditions . . . well, at least the fun ones! 🙂

Most of my relatives remain in Russia and we travel there every year or so–mostly to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, but also to surrounding regions. We mainly visit in the summer and, unlike common opinion, it doesn’t snow and there are no polar bears strolling around–on the contrary, it can get quite hot!

This year I am a sophomore at Willamette and currently hold the position of Minister of Propaganda of Russian Club, so I encourage you all to please join us! Meetings are every Wednesday at 8pm in the World Language Studio (first floor of Ford). We will be planning movie nights, game-and-tea nights, and cultural events! No knowledge of Russian is needed- everyone interested in learning more about the Russian Culture is invited!

As a Russian tutor, I hope to help you understand grammar difficulties, improve your pronunciation, and help you with anything else you can think of! Please visit often – language is the type of subject you can always improve at. To sign up for tutoring, please go to WISE – My Russian Space – Sign up (on Left), and choose the best time for you. If you want to run by me with a question, I will generally be in the Great Hearth for the following hours:

Tue: 2-3 pm

Wed: 3-4 pm

Thurs: 2:30-3:30 pm

Fri: 3-4 pm

However, I might be helping others out and there are a lot more time options for signing-up, so please sign up when possible!

Hope to see you all soon!
Anastasia Ruvimova
under: Russian @ Willamette

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