!Hola y Bienvenidos!

Welcome to the Language Learning (LLC) Spanish Language Blog! Each week this semester, this blog will discuss a number of different Spanish focused LLC resources and tools, that we hope you will find very useful. The resources include everything from helpful Spanish word processing tools to the language learning capabilities of You Tube.
So where do you begin? Great question! Here’s how it works. The LLC is located in the lower level of Smullin in Room18B. This is really where the magic happens as computers are all configured with Spanish word processing capabilities, headphones for listening to Spanish pod casts, and web cams for talking with your Spanish speaking pen pal.

For the first week, let’s get acquainted with the software (ie. computer programs, multimedia) that makes up the LLC’s Spanish language learning program.
Resource #1: Each computer at the LLC is equipped with the newest version of Atajo 4.0, the Spanish Writing Assistant. This program includes a Spanish-English Dictionary, a verb conjugator, a grammar guide and a list of common vocabulary and phrases. Also, Atajo is directly connected to Microsoft Word, so you can type in Word and use Atajo to look up grammar rules and to improve your writing! And as always, be sure to use Atajo to automatically check your spelling, accent usage and grammar! Click here to view a short tutorial on how Atajo works.
Another tip: you can always change the language settings on Microsoft Word by going to Tools, Language, Set Language and selecting your language of choice. As long as you have a newer version of Word, you will be able to run the Spelling and Grammar check in the language you selected. If you happed to have an older version of Word that doesn’t have this capability, just come to the LLC and use one of our well equipped computers!
Resource #2: Now we should cover the LLC’s Spanish grammar page, a site jam packed with exercises. The amount of Spanish grammar and language learning pages on the web are growing daily so some web surfing and exploration here is warranted! Go and check it out!
For example, check out the Spanish Grammar Exercises or the Spanish Verb Conjugation Exercises.
Also, ever wonder how to do accents and Ñ s on your personal computer? Click here to see the key codes on the LLC Website!
Resource #3: Finally, our last topic for this week. Everyone enjoys a good flick, right? Did you know that there are tons of Spanish films at the Hatfield Library?! The Spanish Media page has them listed alphabetically, or you can go directly to the film section at the Library and browse the shelves.
I hope this has been helpful and check back next week for new tips!