Webmail in Spanish, Mixxer, Skype

Welcome back to the second Spanish Language Blog. This week, we have three more resources for you to check out. ¡Adelante!

Resource #1: I know you can’t constantly be exposed to Spanish, but if you are as compulsive an e-mail checker as I am, changing the language setting on your Willamette Webmail can give you that much more contact to your beloved foreign language. To do this, log into your webmail and go to Options which is located on the top of your webmail screen. Next, click on Display Preferences, select the language you want, and then simply sit back and enjoy the pains of figuring out how to navigate your once familiar e-mail in another language.
Resource #2: By far one of the coolest resources for the more advanced language learner is a new program called Mixxer. Mixxer is a free educational site for language learners to find a partner for a language exchange. It takes five minutes to create a free account, after which you are free to pair with a native Spanish speaker who, like you, would like to better their language skills. You and your partner can meet online via Skype and type or speak for free! You can find Mixxer by going to the new resource section on the LLC website. All the computers in the LLC lab are equipped with Skype, but you can also download it for free on your own computer. Which brings me to our third topic for the week…
Resource #3: Skype. You have probably heard of Skype, but if you have not, you definitely should. Skype is one of many online programs that allows you to type and speak for free with just about anyone else in the world who is connected to a computer. All you need is an internet connection and a microphone. Like I said, computer to computer communication is free, but you can also call land lines or cell phones from your computer for a small fee, 2 cents per minute for most places. This is great for talking to friends abroad, or if you are abroad, for contacting the people you care about back home. And like I said before, every computer in the LLC is equipped with Skype, microphones and webcams, so feel free to come in and start communicating.