Word Champ, Language Software and Radio

Queridos friends of language blogging…three more resources for you this week. They are…WordChamp, Independent Language Learning Software and Spanish Radio!

Resource #1: WordChamp, also available on the LLC website, is a Language learning resource that basically provides online flashcard vocab practice, pop-up definitions of words and a really cool website reader. Creating an account takes about fifteen seconds and allows you to practice the lists of already available flashcards or to add your own words or phrases. It’s great practice to type up the words, and having you own account allows you to access these lists wherever and whenever you want. This site also allows you to advance your comprehension skills with a cool web site translator. Using this tool, you can go to any Spanish website, and simply hover your curser over the words to obtain a direct translation. It allows you to understand more and save you the time consuming effort of looking up every word you don’t know.
Resource #2: The LLC recently purchased Independent Language Learning Software that allows anyone interested to pick up a language in their free time. Software is available in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English—just head down to the LLC and ask the lab assistant for the appropriate disk. The programs utilize exercises in listening, reading, writing and speaking. Lessons range from grammatical concepts such as verb tense or mood to specific topics such as colors, money and greetings. This software is great for language learning beginners and is also great for touching up your skills if you can’t fit another language class into your busy schedule.
Resource #3: Check out these Spanish Online Radio channels: Radio National from Spain and Spanish Internet Radio from around the Spanish speaking world. You can play them from any computer. Just sit back and enjoy the graceful sound of the Spanish language.