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Welcome to the fifth week of the LLC’s Spanish blog! The resources for this week include a website organizer caller Delicious that will simplify the way you access Spanish language sites and a collection of websites on Spanish and Latin American culture which may be of particular interest for those of you looking to study abroad.

Resource #1: Instead of having all your bookmarks listed haphazardly on your home computer, Delicious is a useful way to keep all your bookmarks online. That way, if you use more than one computer or more than one browser, you can simply access Delicious online to automatically have your bookmarks at your fingertips. How does this work? you might ask. When you create and account, Delicious will ask you to add a few buttons to your browser. After this, when you find a website worth saving, you just click on the “tag” button, fill out a short form to designate tags and keywords and click save. That’s it—delicious does the rest.
On a social level, there are more advantages. Like other user-generated content on the web, it’s shared. Delicious is an aggregation of everybody’s tags and bookmarks, so it enables you to see who has tagged sites you might find useful or interesting.
This theory of sharing ideas and website finds among a community is beneficial when it comes to learning a language. As other people find great Spanish translations or dictionaries, you to can have access to them. To access Delicious:
1. Go to and click on “Get Started.”
2. This will take you to a registration page where you will need to provide your email and username.
3. Follow the instructions and enjoy!
Remember that the object is to identify links useful to language learners like you — so in the “notes” field, please tell why you think it is useful! Also, check out the language learning delicious site see the list of sites that we have accumulated and to add your own.
Resource #2: If you are thinking of studying abroad or if you just like to learn about other cultures, plenty of websites are available with a lot of valuable information. Check out the Spanish Culture page on the LLC website which has a good collection of links to museums, food and other culture related topics. Take a look at this site on Antoni Gaudi or check out recipes from Spain.
Have a great long weekend, everyone. Take care.