Audacity, news and piropos

This blog describes Audacity, a free recording and editing software, links to on line Spanish periodicals and some great links to piropos…

Resource #1: Audacity is a free software program for recording and editing sounds. It can be downloaded here, or at, and has been installed on all the LLC computers on the desktop, or under “audio-video tools” in the Programs list.
In Audacity, you can record several tracks at the same time and cut and splice them to make clips as you see fit, then export them in WAV or MP3 format. In addition, it’s fun to mess around with the pitch, speed, and effect settings. There’s a million different ways to use this software, but at the most basic level it’s helpful to just listen to yourself – record yourself reading a dialogue and play it back to check your pronunciation. Spanish classes have also used Audacity for some sweet video dubbing projects.
Resource #2: Read on line Spanish news! Practice your comprehension and discover new perspectives on news from around the world. Check out el Periodico to savvy up on news from Spain or read el Mercurio to read news from Chile. For a more complete listing of on line periodicals, check out the media page on the LLC website, or check out this page from MIT libraries that has a huge list of foreign language news and newspapers.
Resource #3: Finally, for anyone looking to beef up their vocab with the most crucial of phrases, check out this site for piropos, or Spanish cat calls. And, if you really feel like investing some time, look into to buying a copy of Street Spanish 1, 2 or especially Street Spanish 3: The Best of Naughty Spanish. You can find a copy for cheap on line. I think the library may even have some copies availably via Summit…
Thanks for reading, nos vemos.