Wikipedia, short stories and poetry

Hey Spanish Speakers, welcome to the seventh edition of the language blogs! This week I want to show you how to use Wikipedia to find modern slang, and I also have some sweet links to Spanish short stories and poetry.

Wikipedia, as we and all good scholars know, is not a highly academic resource. Just about anyone anywhere can edit the pages, make all sorts of changes, and tell all sorts of stories. However, this is exactly what makes Wikipedia such a great resource for getting recent information on slang from specific regions in the world that is up to date and usually pretty accurate. For example, when I decided to study abroad in Chile, I searched Wikipedia for “Chilean Spanish”. The site that popped up had all sorts of information describing the rampant use of the word “po’h”, the usage of the pronoun vos as the second person informal. Additionally, I found a whole bunch of links to slang vocab lists specific to Chile. I assumed that they would be pretty out of date, but when I showed the words I found to my host family in Valparaíso, they were quite amused and found them all very entertaining and usable. In addition to all this, you can also use Wikipedia to brush up on your comprehension, as Wikis are available in all sorts of languages, including Spanish, but I am sure that you already knew that.
Also, here are some links on Spanish literature. Check out Proyecto Sherazade, which has several contemporary Spanish short stories, and features interactive text and exercises on grammar and vocabulary. Or click here or here to spend some time with a few Spanish poets.