Podcasts and a summary

Hey all,
This final posting includes links to several interesting language related pod casts, as well and a shameless plug for the newest edition of Willamette World News. Finally, we will wrap up the semester with a recap. of the resources mentioned previously in the semester, to prepare you for the weeks of holiday break, should you feel the need to enrich this time with a some lernin’.

The LLC website has quite a few links to Spanish podcasts. Podcasts can be downloaded for use on your computer or mp3 player and are really pretty useful for improving comprehension or maintaining proficiency. Additionally, podcasts are a godsend if your holiday plans happen to obligate you to spend the vacation working a mindless job (like data entry for dad’s accounting office) and you need something of substance to distract yourself from certain insanity. You can also search for podcasts in terms of specific regions to test your comprehensive abilities with varying Spanish dialects.
This link will bring you to a site with quite an extensive collection of podcasts created by various contributors from different regions in Chile. Themes range from tango music to informational presentations.
Or, this site offers a bit more basic information for those who are just starting to learn Spanish. Topics include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and the subtle differences between Spanish and English as observed by a rather clever man who spent time teaching English in a Spanish Speaking country.
So, on to the shameless plug… Willamette World News will soon be coming out with its final edition for the semester, which will include postings from a variety of student authors on Holiday traditions and cultures from their native countries. How convenient given the time of year…
Finally, here is a rundown of all the resources we covered over the semester in case you want a quick access point.
1. How to change the language setting on your computer
2. Mixxer: a free educational site for language learners to find a partner for a language exchange.
3. Skype: online communication device
4. Word reference: online language dictionary
5. PCTV: Satellite television available in the LLC that broadcasts stations from around the world.
6. Willamette World News: international student blog based publication
7. WordChamp: online flashcard vocab practice, pop-up definitions of words and a really cool website reader.
8. Independent Language Software: available for check out in the LLC.
9. Spanish Radio Websites
10. Delicious: social bookmark manager
11. Spanish Culture Resources
12. Audacity: free software program for recording and editing sounds
13. Spanish News
14. Piropos
15. Wikipedia
16. Spanish Literature Links
17. YouTube
18. Games