Wednesday! Spanish Movie Night: Love in the Time of Cholera

Based on one of the most successful novels by Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez
How long would you wait for love?
The spanish Department presents…

“Love in the Time of Cholera”

Directed by Mike Newell
Starring Javier Barden, Giovanna Mezzogiorno & Benjamin Pratt
Music by Shakira & Antonio Pinto
Place: Kremer Board Room
Time: October 10th 7pm
Free pop corn and drinks

Check out the trailer below!

EVEN THE RAIN [También la lluvia]


EVEN THE RAIN [También la lluvia]

Icíar Bollaín / 104 min. / 2011

7:00 PM Ford Theater

Presented by Dr. Bill Smaldone, Professor of History and Chair of Latin American Studies

Filmmaker Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) and his cynical producer Costa (Luis Tosar) arrive in Cochabamba, Bolivia to make a film about Columbus’s voyage to the New World and the subjugation of the indigenous population. Just as filming begins, the natives face a crisis when the government privatizes the water company and prices skyrocket. Daily protests erupt, and the local man cast as a rebellious sixteenth-century Taino chief also becomes a leader in the water hike protests.

AMERIKANUAK: Spanish Film Festival Series



Nacho Reig / 92 min. / 2011

Ford Theater 7:00 PM

Presented by Dr. Bob H. Reinhardt, Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Environmental & Earth Sciences

More than half a century ago many Basques left Spain to look for a better life working as sheepherders in the American West. In Amerikanuak, Nacho Reig looks at the lives of some of the last remaining Basque sheepherders in the United States. The documentary takes place under the vast blue skies and bleak, but beautiful winter landscape of the small town of Elko, Nevada.