¡Spanish Club en acción!

     ¡Hola a todos! I want to dedicate this first November post to all the cool activities Spanish Club has been organizing this fall semester. I also want to thank all the club members and students that take time out of their busy lives to join us every Tuesday to participate, exchange ideas and have fun! Events are open to everyone, so drop in any time!

      October kept me busy with the two-part Spanish pronunciation workshop. This was the first time I had devoted that much attention to Spanish sounds and speech patterns. It was a fun and interesting process for me, I hope that the ones who attended the sessions got something from them!  Game night was also great fun, but I must confess Salsa Night is my favourite event so far. There’s usually a follow-lead imbalance in social dancing gatherings, so seeing people show up and enjoy themselves was great! (Yes, I say “seeing” ’cause I spent most of the class taking pictures… I did give the casino round a try towards the end, though!). Special thanks to Professor Michael Woods for being our salsa instructor for the night (rumor has it that a salsa club is in the making!)

collage - juegos
Game Night – October 27th
collage - salsa
Salsa Night – November 3rd

    The semester is soon coming to a close, but there are still some meetings you can take part in. Next Tuesday, November 17th is Cooking Night! Come treat yourselves to a very special Mexican-Argentinian meal at the LLC.

      Lastly, you can “like” us on Facebook so that you know more about our weekly meetings and activities. Here’s our page: https://www.facebook.com/willamettespanishclub/

    Hope to see you around,