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First Spanish Cooking Night


The First Spanish Cooking Night–yes you heard us well, only the first–has passed and our stomachs are still tasting the deliciously soft flavour of the dishes prepared in good company: Fresh Guacamole con nachos, Tortilla de patatas y Arroz con leche. Every dish from a different Spanish-speaking country and accompanied with some Spanish music of course so as to bring all our Spanish flavour over to Willamette.

As the kitchen resounded with the clatter of forks and knives against the saucepan and some small-talk we cooked the evening away together… Indeed, we had a great time!!! The pictures here attached go to show ;b

So thank you all for your participation and your appetite, for we know that the actual cooking took some time–definitely longer than the actual eating! And we look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming Spanish Cooking Nights.