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Last Movie Night of the semester!!

Dear Spanish Students,

The end of the semester is approaching and you must be busy with exams and assignments, but we’d like to invite you to the last movie night of the academic year. This time you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an Argentine film which will show you a different and interesting aspect of the Argentine culture. Come and enjoy, food and drinks will be offered too!

Gabriela and Iván

Teaching Assistants

Spanish Department

Fiesta Latina

Dear Willamette students,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the Spanish club in order to invite you to one of the biggest events of the year “La Fiesta Latina”, a celebration of the Spanish-speaking cultures. There will be live music, dance and food. For more info check the poster below. I hope to see you there!

Gabriela Bustos

FLTA-Spanish Department


In the name of all the Teaching Assistants at Willamette University, Gabriela and Ivan (Spanish Department), Isabelle (German Departement), Wenwen (Chinese Department), Rie (Japanese Department) and Maria (French Department):

We would like to thank all the members and students of Willamette University for making of our International Karaoke Night a huge success with more than 50 people attending! Thank you for coming and singing in French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and English and sharing our cultures together! We had a great time!

Watch out for our next International event… it’s gonna rock!

Time to rehearse for the International Karaoke

Hi everyone,

Here are the links I promised so that you can start rehearsing for the International Karaoke. These are some of the songs available, but you can always choose the ones you like most. Don’t forget to send me the links in advance or bring them to the event!

Gabriela Bustos

Fulbright Teaching Assistant -Spanish Department

1-Volver, volver (Vicente Fernández)

2-Volver (Estrella Morente)

3-Piel Morena (Thalia)

4-Brindis (Thalia)

5-Pega la vuelta (Pimpinela)

6-El Rey (Vicente Fernández)

7-Atrevete (Calle 13)

8-Ella me levanto (Daddy Yankee)

9-Mujer Amante (Rata Blanca)

10-Seminare (Seru Giran)

11-No me olvides (Abel Pintos)

12-Solo le pido a Dios (Mercedes Sosa)

13-Si no te hubieras ido (Marco Antonio Solis)

International Karaoke Night

Dear students of Spanish classes,

The language assisstants for the different language departments are hosting an International Karaoke on Friday evening. You will have the opportunity to sing or listen to songs in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese. Check out the info available in the poster and e-mail me in case you have any special request: It’ll be fun!

Gabriela Bustos

Fulbright Teaching Assistant- Spanish Department

Greetings from the land of J. L. Borges, Eva Perón and Carlos Gardel: ARGENTINA!!

Hi everyone! I’m Gabriela from Argentina. I’m the teaching assistant for the Spanish Department. I arrived to the US a month ago because I received a grant from the Fulbright Exchange Program. In this first entry I’d like to introduce myself and my home country, I’ll tell you something about my family and friends, and finally I’ll explain my function at Willamette.

I’m from a little, but beautiful town in the northwest of the country called Salta. Salta’s nickname is “La Linda” which means “the beautiful”. I think it deserves its nickname not only because of the beauty of its landscapes, mountains and rivers, but also because of its people. Salteños are simple, nice and truly friendly. They are also hospitable and helpful. So if you have the chance to travel to South America you should definitely visit this province and, just in case you have never heard of it, this map can help you understand how far away I am from home… And just to give you an idea how the city looks like, this photo taken from the web shows one of Salta’s most amazing views.

All this reminds me of some reading I’m doing for my Native American Studies at Willamette. It talks about how places say something about people and are part of our identity. Well, my home town says a lot about me. Before coming I was so excited to live and work in a foreign country that I had never realized how important my country is for me and how proud I am of being Argentinian J

I grew up in a small family. I live with my brother, mom and dad. I also have a niece called Zoe, who is my favorite person in the world. She is like a magic fairy.  My second favorite person is my mom. She is the only person who can make me extremely happy and extremely mad at the same time haha  I also have some good friends who are always there on Facebook to tell me how much they miss me and to listen and support me when I feel home sick. I think I’m really lucky to have them, but so far I think I will also make awesome friends in the US too.

Last but not least, I would like to explain my role at Willamette. According to Fulbright I’m supposed to be Student, Teacher and Cultural Ambassador.  So, the reason why I am writing this blog is because I want to invite everyone to know more about me and my country’s culture and traditions and also learn about the American culture in turn.  Believe it or not I’ll try to do my best to help you and make the learning of Spanish more interesting and fun!