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Nicaragua Celebrates Los Agüizotes

Happy Halloween!!!

I am writing to show you how Nicaraguans celebrate Los Agüizotes in Masaya.


Dozens dress like devils and ghosts to celebrates their ancestors.

Nicaraguans celebrate their ancestors by holding the annual Los Agüizotes festival in which adults and children dance and parade through the most important streets of the city of Masaya.

The festival takes place on the last Friday of October. It starts at sundown, when people dress like ghosts and, using masks, dance through the streets accompanied by music and fireworks.

Every year, dozens of tourists, both Nicaraguans and foreigners, arrive to Masaya to attend the festival, which also attracts a lot of travelers, amazed by the hundreds of candles that are lit by participants.

Los Agüizotes are a series of characters such as men without heads, witches, devils, and ghosts that are part of Nicaraguan folklore and tradition. The festival gets its name from the word “güis,” a local bird which is believed to announce death.

The days before the Los Agüizotes celebration, local craftspeople rush to meet the large demand for devil and ghost masks.  


En esta celebración se logra destacar la creatividad y el arte de las habitantes de la ciudad de Masaya. En la cuna de Folkore se aprecia el alto colorido en los vestuarios y originalidad de los trajes.

He compartido un poquito de nuestras tradiciones nicaragüenses que celebramos en estas fechas además de la visita a los cementerios para enflorar las tumbas el día 2 de noviembre que se celebra el día de los muertos.



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You can also participate in a lot of activities at the volcanoes. Visitors have the ability to climb active volcanoes such as Momotombo Volcano.


You can also climb dormant volcanoes and peek over in to the crater of a volcano such as Mombacho volcano.

Also, Nicaragua has volcanoes where you can swim in crater lakes such as Laguna de Apoyo.

You can also go sandboarding on Cerro Negro Volcano.

Masaya Volcano is constantly erupting. It is the only volcano in the western hemiphere where you are able to drive to the rim. You are also able to walk up several sets of stairs to look down into the crataer of the volcano.


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