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October 12th

¡Hola a todos los que nos leen!

On this occasion I’m writing to show you how Argentinian people spend October 12th which was formerly known as “Día de la Raza” (Race Day; Columbus Day).


Since November 3rd, 2010 by the presidential decree 1584/2010 signed by the former president, Argentinians celebrate October 12th as the day of “Respect towards Cultural Diversity.” Argentinian government, reached that decision after considering and reflecting upon the human rights expressed in our national Constitution.

Before, October 12th,  commemorated Columbus “discovery of America” in 1492 which later resulted in the famous Encuentro de Dos Mundos and provoked  a drastic change in the world economics and America’s demography. Numerous lives changed and many cultural practices disappeared.

Nowadays, commemorating the day of Respect towards Cultural Diversity, Argentinians are looking to promote from all the public social institutions the reflection upon our history, encouraging the dissemination of Human Rights specially among the few Indigenous people, as stated in our Constitution, about equality and granting respect towards identity and the right to a bilingual and intercultural education.

It is a day to remember, reflect and work on the well being of all cultures and specially to increase tolerance towards diversity. Argentina has done its bit, and hopefully, it can encourage many other countries to do so as well and maybe in a not so distant future make a better world.

¡Buenas noches!

PS: Enjoy and reflect upon the following video and song of “Calle 13”.





“Mafalda” is a famous and witty Argentinian comic that deals with issues about the society, education, politics, family life among other topics of general interest.

Over the years, the little black haired girl who doesn’t like soup and dreams with an ideal world has reached the hearts of many people around the world.

Image result for mafalda y la sopa

(Translation: “Soup is to childhood, what consumerism is to democracy!”)

Image result for mafalda y la sopa

(Translation: “It may be sad Raquel, but in moments like this one ‘MAMÁ’ is just a pseudonym “)

But who is the master mind behind Mafalda? That is  Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, better known as QUINO. He was born and raised in Mendoza Argentina and currently lives in Guaymallén (a city in the province of Mendoza). At the age of 84, he’s celebrating Mafalda’s 52nd anniversary.

Image result for primera aparicion de mafalda

September 29th, 1964. Mafalda’s first appearance.

Image result for mafalda y quino

Here we see Quino and Mafalda in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

However, Mafalda is not alone. Her father, Quino, gave her a family and a bunch of friends to play and share her innocent and witty perspectives of the world:

-Felipe: a 7 years old boy who loves crosswords and the Lone Ranger but hates school, getting up early and doing homework.

Image result for llanero solitario en ingles mafalda y felipe


-Manolito: a 6 years old boy who loves money and Rockerfeller and hates the Beatles, discounts, and hippies.

Image result for Mafalda y manolit

-Susanita: a 6 years old girl who loves marriage, the idea of having children, and maybe Felipe. She hates divorce, poor people, and uncomfortable ideas.

Image result for Mafalda y susanita

-LIBERTAD: (FREEDOM) is a little girl older than she looks. She loves revolution and culture, but she hates complicated people, why can’t everyone be simple and honest?

Image result for Mafalda y libertad

-Guille: he is a baby and Mafalda’s little brother. He loves writing on the walls and having his pacifier on the rocks.

Image result for Mafalda y guille

-Miguelito: is a 5 years old  boy. He loves abstract, useless speeches, and jazz.Image result for mafalda y miguelito

-Mafalda’s parents: Her mother mamá or Raquel and her father papá love each other  deeply and love their children. They hate cooking anything but soup and the cost of life.

Image result for mafalda y sus padres

I hope you enjoy Mafalda’s ideas as much as I do. She dreams with an ideal world and if we work together it is not just a utopia.  Let’s be more like this curious, innocent, lively, rebellious, and highly ironic girl.

Have a nice weekend!


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¡Hola, y felíz día del estudiante a toda la comunidad de Willamette!

¡Hola a todos! ¿Cómo están? Soy Fernanda Oliver vengo de Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina y este año seré la asistente de Español. Estoy muy felíz de estar en Willamette y de poder ayudarlos a mejorar el aprendizaje del Español como lengua extranjera.

Hi everyone! How are you? I’m Fernanda Oliver and I come from a little town called Malargüe in the province of Mendoza in the beautiful country of Argentina. This year I will be one of the Spanish Language Assistant!

Image result for malargue mendoza argentina map

Here are some pictures of the place where I live. I hope you enjoy nature because that’s what Malargüe is about!

Image result for Malargue

Image result for MalargueImage result for Malargue

However, it is not always snowy and cold. This time of the year the environment gets warmer, flowers star to blossom, love is in the air and you realize that Spring is coming!

Along with spring, we get to celebrate STUDENTS’ day September 21st!  On this day, Argentinan students don’t attend classes and they spend the day on a picnic or camping with friends! Here are some pictures as well:

They get together and play the guitar, play games like “metegol” or just share a mate with friends.


They even have their own song “El Estudiante” by the ’80 rock band Los Twist:

Image result for los twist

In that spirit, happy day Willamette Community!