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The Secret Garden

After heading back from exploring an abandoned castle on the Corrib River (in the outskirts of Galway, Ireland), I came across this forgotten shed in someone’s backyard. It really struck me that something so plain and unremarkable could transform into something so beautiful. I loved how the gate had become so tangled with the overgrowth that it had actually rusted open. Even with the way the shed’s door had been left ajar, everything was just so inviting and welcoming. It was particularly touching to me because I had come to Ireland expecting to see the countryside, not the big cities. I was leaving in about a week and really hadn’t seen much of what I had assumed would be commonplace. I had walked this way with a friend before, but I didn’t really notice this area; we were concentrating on finding our way to the castle and back without getting terribly lost (or terribly soaked). It’s funny how something can be completely hidden one moment and suddenly appear in front of you the next.

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