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Easter Sunday

Easter 013.jpg

This is a picture of St. Peter’s during the Easter Sunday services. Priests, nuns and pilgrims from all over the world flooded into the city, squishing alongside curious American students like ourselves during the Vatican’s Easter Sunday services. Every Sunday, it is impossible to forget that Italy is a Catholic country and that Rome so nearly borders the Holy See. We learned to buy all essential groceries on Saturday, to expect buses to take alternate routes to avoid major street closings, and to expect the occassional loudspeaker-narrated processions. Holy Week, however, transformed our understanding of the city’s powerful relationship with the international Catholic community.

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  2.   By Gayle Mcindoe on Jul 31, 2010 | Reply

    You actually raise the right points, except It looks like the analysis has been off base, great piece though, good job. Gail

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