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An Evening in Valparaiso, Chile

P1020141 copy.jpg
I took this picture as a part of my extracurricular photography class with Chilean students. It was a class of about 15 students and there was only one other person from the U.S. taking the course. My Professor can be described as an aristic hippie with a dark sense of humor. He took us to one of the oldest cemeteries in town where we all practiced taking pictures utilizing the manual settings on our cameras. I particularly liked this photo because of the juxtaposition between the fence, the graffiti and the rolling hills of the expansive city. Graffiti is very common in Chile and in many cases it is considered artwork. Despite the language barrier, I was proud of myself to be brave enough to try the class. Art is a very universal thing that everyone around the world can participate in no matter what language you are speaking.

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  2.   By Karri Leoni on Feb 19, 2010 | Reply

    Very interesting read. Thanks.

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