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One last look at the Alhambra

During my semester in Granada, Spain, I became fascinated by the Alhambra, a palace and fortress built there by the Moors centuries ago. It’s an awe-inspiring place; the buildings and patios are filled with intricate Islamic designs, from delicate wooden screens to colorful tilework, and the gardens are filled with the sound of birds and fountains. Even when it’s packed with tourists, there’s an otherwordly feeling to the Alhambra. Although our study abroad program took us on a group tour of the landmark, I came back twice after that!
I felt like every time I returned to the Alhambra, I would notice something I had completely missed before – like this tiny patio here and its view of the city. This photo is from my third and last visit, less than a week before I flew home in mid-December. When I look at it, I still remember the bittersweet feeling of coming back “one last time” and wondering when I would be able to stand in this place again. Even now it’s hard for me to believe that for four months, I lived within walking distance of one of the most beautiful historical sites in the world. I’ll never stop feeling grateful for having had that opportunity.

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