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After the road Trip from Hell
This picture was taken at our last road trip destination in Sydney, Australia. Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong on this road trip including losing car keys in the ocean, renting 4 separate vans to drive down the entire west coast of Australia, cell phones not working/dying, getting separated at night in Brisbane without any way to contact each other, sleeping in rest areas and waking up at 5am to start driving again… Besides the fact that it was probably the worst trip ever, I really bonded with these girls along the way. You might think that a horrible road trip would split friends up, but by the end I think we were actually closer. We basically saw each other at our worst moments and somehow got through it all together. Although I hated the 10 hour driving days, I don’t think I would have otherwise had a chance to really get to know my friends. When we finally arrived in Sydney, the sun was shining and we were so happy to get rid of the vans and walk around this beautiful city. This was probably the best day of the trip because nothing went wrong (well almost) and we were just really thankful we actually made it to Sydney on time. I knew at one point in time I would look back on this trip and laugh. It truly was a horrible time but along the way I made some great friends who I will never forget.

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