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Archive for February 16th, 2010

Feeling Home »

Going abroad was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Like all good things, the initial adjustment was difficult. But after a couple weeks of getting to know my host family and orienting myself with the city I already knew that come December, it was going to be hard to leave. […]

Free Bicycles! »

This is one of the free city bicycles I found in downtown Aalborg, Denmark. You put in a 20 kroner coin (about 4 USD) to unlock the bike from its rack, and then when you lock it back up at any of the racks in downtown you get your coin back. They’re comfortable to ride, […]

Visions of Street Performers »

A less extravagant photo than the title suggests, this was a shot I got from one of the many street performances from the historic center in Quito. The one act detailed a meeting between camera-toting, backpack-wielding westerner and the primitive unchanging native. As most dramatists might hope for, I immediately felt a connection to the […]

The Land of Bare Feet » This is me on the side of a main road in Waihi, selling fruit for a couple I decided to WWOOF with after school finished. We got to eat all the fruit and veg we wanted while we worked!