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Archive for October, 2010

The strike in France »

As you may or may not know the French have been on strike for several weeks. In fact, there have been manifestations throughout France since we arrived in early September. Why are the French on strike? The main reason for the strike, however, is that there is a bill passing through the National Assembly and […]

Coping With Horrible Pasts »

One of the group trips my program sponsored was to Krakow, Poland. During this trip we visited the Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camps from World War II. This is a picture of one of the signs in the Auschwitz camp. The presence in the camp is heavy, full of sadness and death. No amount of time can […]

Assumptions »

This entry is written in response to the first question posed by the office of international education on the blog question worksheet: What did you assume before you left that you are not finding in your host-country, host-culture and/or host family and friends? Discuss why you think you made those assumptions? Throughout my French courses […]

Learning about French culture in Angers »

This entry is in response to the 3rd question posed by the office of international education: What have you done to learn about your host-country’s culture? What parts of the culture are you learning about? What do you feel you are missing? What can you do to explore the parts you feel you are missing? […]

On my return from abroad… »

I kept a daily journal about my life in Japan last semester. Thanks to that journal, many details that I might have forgotten have stayed with me; I would recommend the same approach to anyone on their way abroad. But it’s been months since I last wrote about Japan, and my life there–this time and […]