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the crazy south »

So in my previous post I discussed my outdoor adventures however an equally shocking experience was when I went to an Ecuadorian wedding. All I can say about that is wow. Clearly that’s not all I can say about it because I am about to describe it to you, however, that one word sums it […]

the dirty south »

In my last entry i wrote about some general conclusions I’ve reached during my time here. Now ill recount a few of the tales of my adventures here. I’ve defiantly made an effort to travel as much as I possibly can here. I believe I have visited every eco-system in Ecuador. One of the first […]

the south »

So I don’t really like blogs… but here goes my first online account of my experiences in Ecuador. Slash other side note this was written a long while ago and just posted now. I got here about seven weeks ago, which seems like a long time but it has defiantly blown by. One of the questions im […]

South of the Border 3 »

After grabbing your attention by climbing a completely random jungle volcano…perhaps I can hold on to it a little longer with a story about…CAYAMBE! Cayambe is a 18,993 foot volcano, towering above (but usually in the clouds), of a town called…you guessed it, Cayambe! The town is famous for butter biscuits called biscochos, which are […]

South of the Border 2 »

Sorry to leave you with such a killer cliff hanger last time (ha-ha), but this story is worth the anticipation… Brayton and I had a free 5-6 days after the postsession finished, so we had to explore this awesome country! We met a kid named Conor, who is a friend of a friend from Willamette, […]

South of the Border »

Hello to anyone and everyone reading this, my name is Max Huecksteadt and I’ll be in Ecuador until the end of the year. I’ve been here since June 4th, yet have been too busy/lazy to start a blog…however I feel some of the adventures I’ve been on must be shared! As this is my first […]

Japanese but not Japanese »

I do not quite know what this blog is about, but I’ll write about my experiences in Japan thus-far. My study abroad program in Japan has not started yet, but I am currently in Okinawa, Japan, doing undergraduate research. I came by myself and it is my first time being in Japan. However, before I […]