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So I’m not even sure how this blog works at the moment but this is my attempt to post something.

It’s Monday the 22nd and I have only 5 days before I fly to Spain. In usual fashion there are a billion things I need to do but haven’t started so these next few days will be a trip. I actually just got back from Honduras the other day where I spent a week on a church sponsored service trip. It was amazing. Too many stories to tell right now but I may interweave some of them with my future experiences in Spain so that I can provide a contrast between two very different Spanish-speaking countries. This quick trip to Honduras also provided me with some insight into the immersion process. I experienced going to another country where my native language, views and culture were foreign; I was the minority. Never have I felt so different; the white kid who’s 6 foot 4 and speaks Spanish with a heavy American accent doesn’t blend in with the crowd. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the challenges that face immigrants. The language barrier is only the tip of the iceberg. So now I’m expecting a somewhat more humbling experience in Spain, or at least for the first month or so. It’s gonna be awesome and tons of fun, but I also realize it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

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