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Archive for October 15th, 2011

From Galway to Salem »

Returning from Ireland has been an emotional experience for me. It was so nice to be in a place where I could take time to explore an entirely new environment. My academic load was much less than it is now, and I spent much more of my time away from school, interacting with new people […]

Where will this path take me? »

This photograph was taken a couple days after the February 22nd earthquake that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand. I was studying in Christchurch when the earthquake happened. In the aftermath, everyone seemed to be fleeing the city. Some people that I hardly knew rented a car and invited me to leave with them. We spent the […]

Returning From China »

As cliche as it sounds, my study abroad experience changed my life. Perhaps it didn’t change who I am, but rather it brought out parts of me that the past had not given me the opportunity to express and experience. This trip abroad was my sixth time to China and my longest stay. Being able […]