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Kiwis and their Rugby. Madness, eh?

I lived in Dunedin last semester and fortunately, I happened to be there during the Rugby World Cup. What kind of luck is that? The All Blacks (NZ pro rugby team) played a game at this stadium during the beginning of my stay before the Cup started. Since kiwis are absolutely crazy about their rugby (craaaazy), they had built a new stadium specially for the Cup (their first enclosed stadium ever..). The game in the picture is at the old stadium and was the last professional game played there. Above, they are performing the “haka,” a Maori dance done to intimidate their competition before they play. At this point, I had no idea how important rugby was to kiwis.. Fortunately, the All Blacks were the champions this time round, winning the World Cup. Finally. And thank god– apparently they lost in the semis of the last Cup when they were slated to reach finals and domestic abuse stats actually rose significantly across NZ. Yikes. You can imagine the happy madness that ensued after they won this year. That’s much better than domestic violence. Ohhh New Zealand..

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