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A Road Trip to Remember

This image encompasses many of the aspects of my international experience which I am most grateful for, such as the outstanding people I will never forget and the amazing friendships I forged, my numerous travels across the entire country of New Zealand and the beautiful scenery there and the wonderful memories from my spring break road trip around the south island. When this photo was taken, I insisted that we get a group picture of the five of us before we left for our 4 day road trip because we will want to remember this moment later in life. Now, I’m very glad we took it because it is the only picture of the five of us from the entire trip and I absolutely want to remember everything this picture stands for down the road. Every time I see it pop up on the background of my computer I’m reminded of all the fun times we shared on this road trip, the mishaps that brought us closer together and how great of an experience my entire time in New Zealand was.

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