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Studying “Abroad” in DC

While in DC I had so many amazing new experiences: new school, new internship, new friends, new places to explore. On top of all this, I started my first ever blog!
I wanted to use this blog to help college students learn how to get involved in organizations where they can give back to the environment. I contacted, visited, and volunteered at as many environmental organizations that are headquartered in Washington DC as possible over the course of the semester. The blog documented my experiences at each organization, which included descriptions of my volunteer experience, interviews, photos, advice on how to get involved at each organization, and whatever else I learned about each organization. I wanted this blog to be a sort of guidebook and forum for other students who don’t have much time in their busy lives but want to get involved in protecting the environment.
As a Washington Semester student, I was excited to explore DC by doing and seeing as much as possible in the three short months that I was there. I wanted people to realize that once they have visited the monuments, museums, and Capitol Hill, there are so many other ways to get involved and explore this city. Washington DC is the perfect place to get involved in environmental protection because so many incredible national and international organizations have their headquarters or offices in DC. I believe that volunteering and getting involved at environmental organizations added greatly to my experience in DC, as it would for any college student who has the opportunity to live in this amazing city. Our nation needs more young people who are passionate about protecting the environment, who then act on this passion by getting involved in some way. Students in DC are lucky because there are many amazing options for geting involved, so I hope my blog will help students realize that even busy college students can benefit from volunteering and giving back.

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