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While I was studying in Wales for spring semester last year, Great Britain was gearing up to host the 2012 Summer Olympics. Ongoing preparations were everywhere, even back when I was studying in London, England in the fall. In the months preceding the ceremonies, the Olympic torch was to complete a circuit through the British […]

Sanja Matsuri »

A Bumpy Ride »

I took this photo after a very bumpy ride along a pot hole lined road to the backpackers at Bulungula, which is located along the Wild Coast. To get to Bulungula, my friend and I got a ride from the backpackers we were staying at to a small town nearby. Then from the small town […]

Up from the South »

Feria Fishing La Caleta, Valparaíso, Chile Back to the Willamette green and brick, but missing those beautiful colors and intense smells of the fish market!

“Million Dollar View” »

Click to enlarge This is a photo I took of what is known as the 百万ドル夜景 (Hyaku-man Doru Yakei) or “Million Dollar nightview” in Hakodate, Japan. I’m not sure what exactly the criteria are for a nightviews, but apparently it is considered one of the most beautiful in the world…or at least in Japan. While […]

A Promise for Endless Love »

This photo was taken at Korea’s iconic Seoul Tower, also called Namsan Tower. I waited specifically till after my program ended when my mother and uncle would visit me to go to Seoul Tower.  I wanted to share this experience with my family because of what this tower represents and show them the beautiful view […]