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A Bumpy Ride

I took this photo after a very bumpy ride along a pot hole lined road to the backpackers at Bulungula, which is located along the Wild Coast. To get to Bulungula, my friend and I got a ride from the backpackers we were staying at to a small town nearby. Then from the small town we took a minibus taxis (a very popular mode of transportation in South Africa) to another small town about a half an hour away. After waiting for a while in this small town, we caught a shuttle also known as a bakkie with other travelers to Bulungula. The ride to Bulungula was interesting, as we were all squished in the back of a truck along with luggage, food, and even a didgeridoo. We were all relieved when we finally reached the backpackers because we could stretch our legs and take in the beautiful view of the ocean and the river that flowed into the valley. I chose this picture because the experience definitely reflects my time abroad in South Africa. While there were many twists and turns and bumps along the way, in the end I know it was all worth it. I miss South Africa and hope to return there sometime soon!

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